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Comments about TheRealAndiLand

iloveandiland said:

i vote for her every day because she is the best. Keep on the good work

Posted 2012-10-31 13:24:56

leon carter said:

yeah my vote is for andi land cause she is my all time fav adult model shes smokeing hot and is also very nice and i hope she wins

Posted 2012-08-30 18:00:06

Robert said:

just to say Andi, your the pretty, sexiest chick on the WEB. XX

Posted 2012-07-24 15:09:28


The cutest girl on the web. Vote for her daily!

Posted 2012-05-27 15:32:36

Andre winter said:

Andi land is a true and absolutly pure and sexy girl with great personality great humor and shes nice and charming too.im following her now 1 year.vote for her she definatly deserves it.

Posted 2012-01-27 20:19:14

Clauda said:

she is sooo sexy

Posted 2012-01-23 15:20:37

spacey said:

I noticed andi back in 2005 in the andi pink days. Super hot! There was a photoshoot of her with ariel rebel in schoolgirl skirts! Mmmmm.

Posted 2011-12-11 16:43:03

Monique said:

Go Andi Go!!! Let's get you to number 1 you beautiful girl!!

Posted 2011-11-11 01:11:17

cjf80sbaby said:

So beautiful ive been into for years. You remind me of Amanda Bynes just the cuter pornstar version lol. Sexy as hell and damn you have nice feet :)

Posted 2011-09-12 12:30:13

Kamron said:

you r sexy andi i love your pics dont stop takin pics

Posted 2011-08-24 13:04:00

Thomas said:

She is hot and sweet. I can´t get enough from her

Posted 2011-07-21 05:15:06

Monique said:

Andi is an incredibly amazing person who I'd like to call my friend. :) She is very sexy and does her best to make ALL her fans happy from getting fans to choose which halloween costume she should get to making sure to include certain poses/shots in her sets and doing themes fans suggest. She can uphold a really intelligent conversation with her fans, which can be rare in this industry. ;) Very interactive with fans and updates her site often. We love you Andi, keep doing your thing!

Posted 2011-06-17 00:56:32

dickie said:

Andi's gorgeous, sweet and funny. And did I say gorgeous? Be careful---she will make you fall in love with her. :-)

Posted 2011-06-11 16:48:01


The hottest thing to come out of Canada since BACK BACON!

Posted 2011-06-02 16:09:51

robert spray said:

The most sexiest sweetheart ever...luv u andi..huge fan and such a polite and beautiful,respectable woman to talk too..luv ur work babe...hot as [email protected]};-

Posted 2011-05-27 09:05:48

Mike said:

Been a fan of Andi for years! Talked a few times. She is incredibly down to earth & funny!

Posted 2011-05-10 18:52:47

Lutz said:

Andi is my favourite girl in the world wide web! She's great, sexy, fiendly, nice, beautyful.
The world hasn't not enough words how beautyful andi is.

Posted 2011-03-09 08:40:19

Jozzy said:

One of the Hottest, cutest, all a round coolest girl on the Internet. Very dedicated to making her fans happy, she has new updates 2-3 times a week and you can fallow her on twitter or her free blog http://andilandunleashed.com/. Go see her now... you wont be disappointed :D

Posted 2011-03-08 19:16:32

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