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Comments about MariahMadysiXXX

chromefun said:

She's awesome

Posted 2010-09-04 22:06:32

Santiago cAstellanos said:


Posted 2010-08-18 22:07:49

Santiago Moreno said:

Amazing , beautiful , gorgeous , etc

Posted 2010-08-15 15:54:39

Santiago Moreno said:

She is beautiful.

Posted 2010-08-15 15:46:49

Rahat342343 said:

mariah is a beautiful pornstar babe, she is hot sexy sweet beautiful and i love her beautiful body, she is a beautiful candy, her work melts my pants right off, she always tweets back

Posted 2010-07-16 14:54:15

Ian__BD said:

mariah is undoubtedly one of the best performers around but she also has inner beauty which is most important.shes lovely,kind,caring and thoughtful.its always a pleasure tweeting her on twitter.she always tweets back.that is amazing.i love you for that.shes a fantastic person who deserves all good things coming her way.mariah is absolutely amazing in everyway.she deserves to be in top ten of twitterbabes at least.if not higher in my opinion.you're amazing mariah xx

Posted 2010-07-14 06:34:17

Juan Illera said:

What else can one say about her besides the obvious fact that she is drop dead gorgeous. But what people may not know is just how sweet she really is. Mariah actually answer back to anyone who tweets her. Come on that is just awesome that someone like her would take time to do that. Mariah Madysinn is with out a shout of a doubt the best there is. Mariah you are a sweet heart and we your fans love you for it! Thank you for the being the way you are.

Posted 2010-07-13 17:10:01

Ian__BD said:

Mariah is so beautiful,lovely and very talented.mariah deserves your votes.she's fantastic xx

Posted 2010-07-11 15:28:14

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